About the Golden Doorknob Awards

Ithaca College professor emeritus of cinema and photography Gustav "Skip" Landen started the Golden Doorknob competition in 1970 and continued it until his retirement in 1991. Back in those days the films were silent, black and white, and all film students had the same assignment: make a very short film that presents the most imaginative way to kill someone with a doorknob.

The contest was revived in 2009.


2016 Doorknob Awards

Entries Now Accepted!

Entry Deadline is Wednesday, April 20, 2016 at 4:00pm in Park 378.

To submit your entry, bring your completed entry form and load a high definition copy of your film with credits on to the provided hard drive in Park 378.  Please also provide an Mp4 version without credits for judging.

Awards Show is Thursday, May 5.


Join the tradition and make a Doorknob short – maximum length 5 minutes!


First Place - $1,000
Second Place $500
Third Place $350
Parkie Award $350
Knobimation* $350
Two honorable mentions $100

*The “Knobimation” award for animated doorknob films will only be awarded if two or more animation entries are received.




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