2014-2015 Contest

The event celebrated the 45th Anniversary of the Golden Doorknobs, and was hosted by Joe Pera '10.

First Place: Broken Fate
By Robert Adler ’16, Skyler Bocciolatt ’16, Canon Brownell ’15, and Erin Nydick ’16

Second Place: Knob of the Beholder
By Clinton Butler ’15 and Jake Witterschein ’15

Third Place: Psycho
Bridget Moore '15 and Kate Wareham '15

Parkie 100: Operation Golden Doorknob
By Mikey Carlson, Josie Cyrus ’18, Luke Harbur ’18, Mary Herber ’17, Woody Minshew ’18, Grace Oliver ’18, Chelsea Rance ’18, Tyler Sapp ’18, and Stephanie Seiden ’18

Animation: Jennifer and the Bleeding Eyeball
Joseph Fasolino ’15

Producer's Pick: Rob the Doorknob
Josh Greenfield '16

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