Joseph Killeen '13 and Ethan Burnette '13 Receive Park School Student Writing Award

Seniors Joseph Killeen and Ethan Burnette are this year's recipients of the Park School Student Writing Award.

A panel of Park School faculty whose professional expertise represent scholarly writing, journalism, and screen/scriptwriting reviewed the nominations and selected the winners.

The committee unanimously agreed to split the award between Killeen, author of the short script, LOVESICK, and Burnette, author of a full-length screenplay, SYNAPSE.

According the the judges, "These two scripts were different in not only length, but in tone as well as the complexity of their respective narratives. Killeen's script is a solid, polished, tightly written comedy. Burnette's script is ambitious and very complex in regards to its narrative structure. It is evident that both authors are very talented writers and are deserving of a prize."