National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Recognizes Two Student Films

The National Board of Review of Motion Pictures (NBRMP) awarded Alyssa Krause ’09 and Tommy Strauss ’09 each with a $2,000 Student Grant. This year, NBRMP recognized students at 10 schools including New York University, Brooklyn College, Columbia University, and Northwestern University.

Krause’s work, Zephyr, is a stop motion animation film that explores the idea of change, and its bitter-sweetness. The technique of silhouette animation uses paper puppets cut out of black paper, and jointed with thread for movement, which are then animated on a light box. The backgrounds are made from dyed silk scarves, dried plants, and tissue paper. 

Strauss’ film, Time's Arrow, is story about a doctor told in reverse, capturing all the major moments in his life from death to birth. He injures the patients who step through his door instead of healing them and begins relationships with women in tumultuous arguments. It's a film about time travel of sorts with a sinister twist. The film was accepted to the Rhode Island International Film Festival and New Jersey International Film Festival.

About the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures:
Formed in 1909, the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures is dedicated to film, foreign and domestic, as both art and entertainment. The NBR has supported free expression in motion picture arts for over 99 years when, in an effort to avoid government censorship of films, the National Board became the unofficial clearinghouse for new movies. From 1916 into the 1950’s thousands of motion pictures carried the legend “Passed by the National Board of Review” in their main or end titles. To the public, this was the catchphrase of confidence. The organization works to foster commentary on all aspects of film production, to endow scholarships for film students and to underwrite educational film programs and seminars. For more information on the National Board of Review, please visit

Pictured: (Top) Image from Zephyr, (Bottom) Image from Time’s Arrow



Originally published in Intercom: National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Recognizes Two Student Films.

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