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Josh Konetzni, 1999Josh Konetzni, 1999
Vice President, Sales at Alliance Health Networks

For over a decade, I’ve had a career focused on one critical task: effective communications. I sell marketing solutions to pharmaceutical companies, consumer packaged-goods companies, and their marketing agencies, but also have to sell ideas and concepts to my own company.  I also lead a sales team in ensuring the value proposition of our offering is communicated effectively to clients.  My foundation of personal and organizational communications started in my classes at Ithaca and as a student within the major formerly known as Organizational Communications, Learning and Design (we called it OCLD for short).  And that coursework has guided me through my career to enable everything from proper writing communication, presentation skills, technological skills, and more.  We didn’t even have real social networks back then – but no doubt my education seamlessly applies to communications via modern day approaches.  Can you believe it… here in the business world, we’re communicating not only through traditional means but also through social media outlets like FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and via internal company-run networks. 

Today, I am VP Sales for Alliance Health Networks and use my IC education (among my work experience) to sell marketing-based programs to clients, manage a team of experienced sales individuals, and innovate and create product concepts that can be monetized.  Alliance Health runs 50+ social networks allowing members (patients) to connect with each other based on the health condition they’re experiencing.  This is niche social networking, and something that has grown substantially important to the health care evolution (or revolution).  Why? Because it provides an additional outlet for information and emotional support… a critical component to “health care” when not everyone can afford to see a doctor (or your doctor can’t afford to see you for more than 4 minutes).

My career has spanned from web development as an IC intern at NBC, Capital Records and Euro RSCG to being employee #2 at a health web-publisher (and seeing it mature) to leading a seasoned sales team selling substantially sized marketing programs to substantially sized companies.

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