Student Financial Services Requirements

Review this list to make sure you have completed all requirements prior to the start of the academic year. All steps must be completed prior to the start of the semester.

Required for All Students

  1. Complete the FAFSA (if you have not already done so).  US citizens or permanent residents only.
  2. Set up your Ithaca College email account and check it daily.
  3. Enroll to receive e-communications.
  4. Add “Authorized Payer(s)” to your QuikPay account.
  5. Complete the Title IV form. US citizens or permanent residents only.
  6. All Ithaca College students are required to have health insurance coverage; therefore, students are automatically billed for the College's provided policy. Students who have comparable health insurance have the option to waive our provided plan. Waive or complete enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Program at universityhealthplans.com. The waiver must be completed annually.


  1. If you are expecting a refund on aid, enroll in direct deposit on QuikPay.
  2. Complete the Outside Resources form for any non-Ithaca College funds or scholarships you received. 
  3. Review meal plan options if you reside in the apartments or off campus; those residing on campus already are billed for the Unlimited Meal Plan.

Verification Documents

If you have received a notification that you have been selected for 2022-2023 verification, please log in to HomerConnect, click on “Financial Aid and Billing,” and review your “Eligibility” page for requirements needed. Visit our selection for verification page for further information. (Watch video overview.)

  1. Complete the IRS data retrieval for 2020 on the FAFSA for custodial parent(s) OR request the official 2020 Tax Return Transcript directly from the IRS for the custodial parent(s).
  2. Complete the IRS data retrieval for 2020 on the FAFSA for student OR request the official 2020 Tax Return Transcript directly from the IRS for the student.
  3. Submit copies of 2020 federally issued W2s for the parent(s).
  4. Submit copies of 2020 federally issued W2s for the student.
  5. Complete the Verification Worksheet for dependent students or independent students.

Financial Aid

  1. Review and accept or decline your financial aid eligibility on HomerConnect.
  2. Complete Federal Direct subsidized/unsubsidized entrance counseling at studentaid.gov.
  3. Sign the Federal Direct subsidized/unsubsidized Master Promissory Note at studentaid.gov. (Watch video overview.)
  4. Review information regarding the Parent PLUS loan and application process. (Watch video overview.)
  5. Sign the Parent PLUS loan Master Promissory Note.
  6. Review information regarding private loans and application process. (Watch video overview.)
  7. New York State residents: Complete and review the NYS Tap application. (Watch video overview.)


  1. Review your online billing statement and due dates. (Watch video overview.)
  2. Enroll in the Nelnet payment plan if you prefer to pay monthly.
  3. Create “Authorized Party” access for the Nelnet payment plan (if you wish to pay monthly).
  4. If you are paying by check, include the student’s name and Ithaca College ID number on the check.
  5. If you are paying using 529 funds, contact the company early and have it mail payment directly to Ithaca College; the student’s name and ID number should be included on the check. Transactions can take over a week to complete.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the sensitive nature of personally identifiable information that could be required to complete our forms, please use the Secure Online Document Submission option to safely submit documents. Please do not send sensitive confidential information via email.

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