Set up a Nelnet Payment Plan

Ithaca College has a payment plan opportunity through Nelnet to pay for each semester with the option to submit 5 or 4 monthly payments.

Each semester, a family may enroll in the monthly payment plan to pay for the semester bill. There is an enrollment fee of $25 for each semester enrolled and re-enrollment is required for each semester used. Enrollment does not carry from one semester to another.

The deadlines for enrollment for Fall 2020's 4 monthly payment plan is September 14th.

Payments will be automatically debited on the 27th of each month.

Initiation of Plan

The student must indicate to the system that they and their family intend to use the play. The student will:

1. Log into HomerConnect

2.Select "Financial Aid and Billing"

3. Select "Payment Plan Portal"

4. Select "Set up Payment Plan" to review/update their contact information

5. Click "Submit"

Adding Authorized Parties

Parents and payers can be added to the payment plan account as Authorized Parties by the student only. After updating their student information, the next page will appear and the student will:

6. Click "My Profile"

7. Select "Add" within the Manage Payers box

8. Enter parent/payer information

9. Click "Save"

The Authorized Party will receive an email to log in and either "Set up a Payment Plan" or "Make a Payment", however, we recommend making one-time online payments through QuikPay using their Authorized Payer login information. Authorized Parties may access their account through www.nbspayments.com.

Payment Plan Setup

Once student information and Authorized Parties have been updated, the plan can then be set up by the student or Payer who will:

1. Click on the green "Set up a Payment Plan" - disregard credits and amount due for any past semesters. You will refer to the Current Balance on QuikPay.

2. Select the payment plan option available. Click "Next"

3. Payment Details, such as account and routing numbers, will be entered here.

4. A down payment may be included at this point. Click "Next"

5. Review payment schedule

6. Review and "Authorize"

Helpful Notes

Remember to re-enroll for payment plan contracts each semester.

Payment Plans do not automatically account for adjustments after they have been set. If financial aid or outside payments have been submitted after the plan has been set, please contact Student Financial Services to make adjustments to your plan.

Student Financial Services cannot make adjustments to the next set payment within two days of auto-debit date.

Customer Service from Nelnet is Available
•Live chat (9am-6pm eastern time)
•Phone line 24/7 (1-800-609-8056)