Accessing and Understanding your Bill

Billing statements are generated at the beginning of each fall, spring, and summer semester. The student and Authorized Payers will receive email notification when billing statements are available online.

Access your Billing Statement

Students may access their online billing statement through the following:

  • Log into HomerConnect
  • Select "Billing and Payment"
  • Select "Financial Aid and Student Account Information"
  • Click on "Pay Online, View Account & Create/Review Direct Deposit"
  • Select "View & Pay Accounts" from the left hand column.

Parents and Supporters may access the online billing statement with their Authorized Payer access for QuikPay.

  • Open QuikPay
  • Type in your Username and Password
  • Select "View & Pay Accounts" from the left hand column

Account Information

The top section of the billing statement contains identifying information, such as the student's name and ID number, as well as basic billing information.

Statement Date is the day the bill was created. Any changes made to the account after this date will not reflect on this statement, but on the next billing statement generated.

Due Date is when full payment is due. All financial aid documents, loan applications or payment plan contracts must be completed by this date. Bills not paid by the due date are subject to a $200/month late fee.

Amount Due is what is owed for the semester.

Transaction Details

Payments and charges are outlined in this section.

**Previous Billed Balance** displays any balances or credits that carried over from previous statements. *Previous billing statements are archived within the "Statement History"  tab of QuikPay

Charges and Adjustments & Payments and Credits display each transaction since the previous statement are listed.

Multiple departments assess charges that will appear on your statement. Questions should be directed to the issuing department for details regarding the assessment.

Authorized Aid is financial aid that is all set and ready to be disbursed, or paid to the student account. 

Possible Additional Financial Aid and Documents Needed

Possible Additional Financial Aid (same as "Memo Aid" within the Account Summary as described below) is financial aid that requires further action as indicated in the financial aid documents needed section. This financial aid is already included in your balance due.

Financial Aid Documents Needed are outstanding documents that must be completed before financial aid can be released to pay. To review the requirements needed, the student may visit the "Eligibility" page of "Financial Aid and Billing" on HomerConnect.

Payment Slip

This section can be cut from the bill and submitted with payment sent to the Office of Student Financial Services via mail.

A breakdown of the information above is provided within the Account Summary.