Accessing and Understanding your Bill

Billing statements are generated at the beginning of each fall, spring, and summer semester. The student and Authorized Payers will receive an email notification when billing statements are available online.

Accessing and Understanding your Bill

Students may access their online billing statement by doing the following:

  1. Log into Homer Connect
  2. Select "Billing and Payment"
  3. Select "Transact Payment Portal”
  4. Select “Activity Details” from the left sidebar

Parents and Supporters may access the online billing statement with their Authorized Payer access for Transact.

  1. Open Transact
  2. Type in your username and password
  3. Select “Activity Details” from the left sidebar

Your online bill is what you see when you go to “Activity Details” through Homer Connect or Transact. It updates automatically as changes to the bill are made.

  • Student’s Financial Responsibility: This is the most recently updated, accurate version of the amount owed. This amount updates as charges and payments are applied to the account. If you see “-” next to the number, this is a credit balance, which means there’s more money in the account than is needed to cover the bill. You can request this money back or leave it to be applied towards future semesters.
  • Current Term Charges & Payments: These are charges and payments from the most recent semester.
  • Other Pending Charges/Credits: These are anticipated charges/payments/financial aid that have been credited to the balance as a memo but are not disbursed/real credits.
  • Previous Term Activity: These are all charges/payments from prior semesters.

The total of all these section totals should add up to the Student’s Financial Responsibility.

Multiple departments assess charges that will appear on your statement. Questions should be directed to the issuing department for details regarding the assessment.

You will receive an electronic billing statement about a month before the bill is due. You can access it from Transact at any time by selecting “Statements” from the left sidebar.

The statement is a snapshot, which means it will not update beyond the date that it’s generated.

  • Previous Account Balance / Balance Forward: Balance carried over from previous statement. A negative sign indicates a credit carried over.
  • Anticipated Charges/Credits: This refers to anything under the “Pending Charges/Credits” shown on the bill under Activity Details.
  • Current Account Balance / Current Billed Balance: This is the current balance as of the date the statement was generated.

The summary on the Overview page will show you balance totals by semester. Each line is a lump sum of charges and credits for a given semester, and it will only show semesters for which there was a remaining balance from just the charges and credits in the given semester. 

The info button next to the line "Prior Term(s) Credit/Financial Aid" will show credit balances from semesters in which there was a credit balance from just the charges and credits in the given semester. 

The total of the summary balance lines minus the the total credit showing under "Prior Term(s) Credit/Financial Aid" will add up to the student's financial responsibility.