Request a Refund

If your account is overpaid, you may request your credit balance to be refunded to you as a mailed check to an address you designate or directly deposited into a checking or savings account.

Review Credit and Update Direct Deposit

1. Log into HomerConnect.

2. Click 'Billing and Payment'

3. Click 'Financial Aid and Student Account Information'

4. Click  'Pay Online, View Account & Create/Review Direct Deposit'

5. Click 'View & Pay Accounts' and review for a negative number or 'CR' beside the Current Balance amount.

If you would like to move forward with direct deposit, you will:

6. Select 'Manage Refunds' on the left column

7. Click 'Manage My Refunds' box

8.  Enter your checking or savings account number and financial institution routing number very carefully. This is NOT the number on your debit card. If you aren't positive about what to provide here, please contact your financial institution/bank and ask them to provide your direct deposit account information.

(Please note that information from student payroll direct deposit does not automatically fill this form as Human Resources houses that information.)

Submit the Request

8. Go back to the 'Billing and Payment' page of HomerConnect

9. Select 'Financial Aid and Student Account Information'

10. Click 'Request Refund from Student Account'

11. You will be provided with a figure of the eligible amount of your refund. The full amount of credit must be taken.

12. Choose your method of refund (Mail or Direct Deposit; you may enter address information here or the check will be mailed to the permanent address on file)

*Receipt of direct deposit may take 3-7 business days. Receipt of a mailed check may vary due to postal services and location of an address.

Request Aid Advances

At the beginning of the semester, we allow for "aid advances" to be requested on authorized aid to qualified students. There is a $2,000 limit on aid advances, and only one can be obtained every 60 days. Students on a Nelnet Payment Plan contract, automatic deductions, or other payment arrangements will not be able to request an advance.

Once the add/drop period has ended, aid will be posted on student accounts and students will be eligible to obtain their actual credits. Refunds for actual credit over $2,000 will be allowed once add/drop is complete. Undergraduate students must be registered for a minimum of 12 credits for the semester and graduate students must be registered for at least 5 credits. Exceptions will be manually processed.

*If a recent ACH transaction was submitted - there will be a one-week waiting period after the transaction has posted before those funds will be included as part of the refund calculations.