Request a Refund

If your account has been overpaid and you have a credit that you would like to receive, you may have the money returned to you as a direct deposit or a paper check. Full refunds are available after the add/drop period ends for the semester (after the first week of classes).
  1. Log into Homer Connect
  2. Select ‘Billing and Payment’ from the left-hand menu
  3. Select “Transact Payment Portal”
  4. Select “My Account” from the left sidebar
  5. Under “Direct deposit refunds”, select “Sign up” on the right
  6. Follow the steps to enter and submit your account information.

The ability to request your refund online is currently turned off for all students. Once you have set up an account for direct deposit, please contact our office at for us to initiate your refund. 

  1. Log into Homer Connect
  2. Select ‘Billing and Payment’
  3. Select ‘Financial Aid and Student Account Information'
  4. Select ‘Request Refund from Student Account’. You should see the amount that you are due; please note that you must accept the full amount.
  5. Choose your method of refund: Direct Deposit or Mailed Check
    1. Direct Deposit: This will send the funds to the bank account you entered previously. It can take 2-3 business days for the transfer to be completed, depending on the bank or financial institution.
    2. Mailed Check: This will send the money by check to the permanent address on file. Checks are printed on Wednesdays only. Mailed checks will arrive according to the speed of the mail system they’re being sent through and the distance they’re going.

If you encounter a message that says there's no credit available, please verify that there is a valid credit balance (meaning there are no payment plans or undisbursed aid on the account) and then contact us at, as we may need to initiate the refund from our end.

If you are expecting a credit balance on your account when your financial aid comes in and all expenses are covered, we may be able to provide an advance on that credit to help you cover some expenses. You may request an advance beginning ten days prior to the start of the semester via Homer Connect. If you're unable to complete the request through Homer Connect, you can use the Aid Advance Form.

The maximum amount you may request depends on the anticipated credit you will receive but cannot exceed $2,000. You can receive one aid advance every 60 days in a semester, with a maximum of two advances per semester.

No advance will be approved until you have the resources to cover your bill (anticipated monthly tuition plan payments are not considered) and all unsatisfied requirements listed in Homer Connect have been completed. If you receive an advance and the college for any reason does not receive a source of financial aid, it is your responsibility to pay the college any balance due.