Researching Careers

Occupational Information Network (O*Net)
O*Net is an online tool used for career exploration and job analysis.  It contains information about job tasks and responsibilities, tools and technology encountered at work, useful knowledge and skills, required education levels, wages and employment trends, and more.

Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) 
OOH is a website sponsored by the Bureau of Labor Statistics containing career information about hundreds of occupations.  It includes information about work environment, steps to pursue specific occupations, pay, job outlook, related jobs, and more.

"What Can You Do With A Major In...?" (WCYDWAMI) from Career Services
WCYDWAMI sheets contain useful information about many careers pursued by graduates of particular majors.  They give examples of potential areas of employment, types of employers, as well as tips for success within the field.

Researching Majors and Other Opportunities at IC

Undergraduate Programs
This is a link to a list of all undergraduate majors and minors offered at IC.

Major Finder
This tool allows you to search majors at IC using keywords.

Undergraduate Catalogs
The Undergraduate Catalog contains information about all majors at IC and is updated each year.  If there is a major you are considering, you can take a look at major courses, Complimentary Liberal Arts courses, as well as additional requirements for the major here.  You can also use this as a resource to compare potential majors and the requirements of each.

IC Link
This website contains information about all registered clubs and organizations at IC.  Log in using your Netpass username and password and browse organizations for any that are of interest.  You can also find contact information for each organization that you can utilize to find out more.  Joining clubs is a great way to help determine your academic and career goals because they often provide experiential learning opportunities.

Intercom is a hub of announcements, news, and stories from around campus available to all members of the Ithaca College community. Intercom often has announcements about upcoming events and other opportunities that could be beneficial for Exploratory students!

Creating a Four Year Plan

Creating a Four Year Plan” from Career Services
This link contains tips for creating a four year plan.  Creating a plan can help ensure that you complete all your requirements within four years, get the most out of your college experience, and graduate on time.

ICC Grids
This page contains links to grid sheets for the ICC as a whole and for each theme within the ICC.  These are useful for keeping track of your progress in completing your ICC requirements.

Tips on Choosing a Major

Choosing a Major” from Career Services
This website includes a step-by-step plan to help outline the process of choosing a major.  It also links to additional resources that may be helpful.

Choosing a Major Quick Guide from Career Services
This document contains a quick and easy checklist of some steps you can take to help you decide on your interests and major.

Offices to Visit on Campus

Office of Career Services
The Office of Career Services is a great resource for learning more about career fields and what steps to take to pursue specific positions within those fields.  It is also a good resource for learning how to develop a resume and cover letter or start an internship search.  The office has drop-in hours Monday-Thursday 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. and Friday 12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.  You can also set up appointments with professional career advisors.