Frequently Asked Questions

Should I work on both forms at once, or wait until I have approvals for one and then start on the other?
It's a good idea to seek approvals at Cornell (as indicated on the Cornell Enrollment Form) after your dean's signature have been obtained on your IC Petition. Then, submit both approved forms together to Cornell before the end of Cornell’s add/drop period.

I am currently already taking a class at Cornell through this program and am wondering if I need to submit and additional Petition to Enroll at Cornell for this coming semester?
Yes, you need to submit a new Ithaca College Petition for each class taken.

Does the Cornell credit count as part of my full-time status eligibility to participate in the IC-CU Exchange?

No. You must be fully enrolled at Ithaca College for at least 12 credit hours BEFORE you apply to the IC-CU Exchange program. Contact the Office of the Registrar for more information.

How might my full-time scholarship be impacted by taking a Cornell course?

Undergraduate students must be enrolled full-time for at least 12 credit hours and stay fully enrolled at Ithaca College for their scholarship to remain in place. This does not include credits taken at Cornell (see above). Contact Student Financial Services for more information.

Does the Cornell credit impact my IC GPA?

Yes. Since the course appears on your official transcript, the credit counts toward your Ithaca College GPA. As a reminder, be aware that you are responsible for getting Ithaca College your Cornell transcript so that the credits can be applied; this must happen by the end of the semester in which you are taking the course. Contact the Office of the Registrar for more information.

Can the course apply to my ICC requirement?
It might! Talk to your academic advisor to learn how to petition to have a Cornell course satisfy an ICC requirement.

Can the course satisfy a major requirement?
It might! Talk to your academic advisor about how to request approval for a satisfaction of degree requirement.

If I take all the courses required for a Cornell major or minor, can I get a major or minor?
Majors and minors are awarded only by a degree-granting institution as part of a degree program. Only IC can award IC students majors or minors. You can certainly attempt to complete the courses required for a major or minor through this program, and explain that you have completed the coursework in a cover letter or on your resume, but your IC transcript will not reflect that you have completed a major or minor.

I want to take a foreign language at Cornell through this program, but the program restricts students to 4 credits each semester. Can I take a foreign language?
Sure! We waive this restriction for foreign language courses.

Can I take a Cornell course during Cornell's winter or summer session?
No, the exchange program is only available during the fall and spring semesters.

What do I have to do to transfer the credit?
If you're an IC student, nothing! Cornell credits through the ICCU Exchange Program are transcripted as IC credits, and the credit transfer is automatic. If you're a Cornell student, you might want to follow up with your college registrar to see if there are any next steps.

Does IC have an exchange program with any other local college or university?
Why yes we do. Wells College and IC have the same partnership.