Need to withdraw from a Cornell University or Ithaca College course?

The process below applies for students from both institutions.

Two forms are required:

  1. the Ithaca College Permission to Withdraw From a Fall/Spring Course - Digital form (found at the bottom of the linked webpage), and
  2. the Cornell University Office of Continuing Education's Change-In-Enrollment Form.

The Cornell University form should be submitted to Cornell's Office of Continuing Education, either in person or via fax.

After the add/drop period, you will received a "W" on both your IC and Cornell transcripts.

Note: The CRN, subject code, and course number for the Ithaca College Withdraw From a Course form will be an "ICCU" subject code. See your IC Homer record for this information. The course subject code and course number for the Cornell Change-In-Enrollment Form is the original course information you included on your IC CU Exchange Petition.