• Undergraduate students must be in their second, third, or fourth year of study at Ithaca College to participate in this program. All graduate students are eligible to enroll.
  • Undergraduate students must be enrolled full-time (at least 12-credit hours) and stay fully enrolled at Ithaca College (this does not include Cornell credits). Graduate students must be enrolled in at least 6-credit hours at Ithaca College (this does not include Cornell credits). 
  • Must have no holds on your account.
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above and may not be on academic warning or probation at Ithaca College.
  • Must satisfy Cornell University's COVID-19 requirements.
  • Must complete the steps listed below.
Attention IC Seniors

Graduating Ithaca College seniors enrolled in a course at Cornell during their final semester will not receive their official degree until the Cornell transcript is received and the grade posted.

If the credits are required for degree completion, participation in the exchange program may result in a later graduation date. Consult the Registrar of the Cornell College sponsoring your exchange course for when transcripts will be available and IC's Registrar's Office for graduation deadlines.

Ithaca College students should follow these steps to complete their registration at Cornell:

  1. Complete IC's IC-CU Exchange Petition. Requests for approval will be automatically routed to your faculty advisor and dean's office based on your entries. Students must be registered in at least 12 credits at Ithaca College to be eligible for the exchange program. If approved, you will receive a notification via email from oes@ithaca.edu that will include a PDF approval form.
  2. Once Cornell's part-time student registration opens, submit the PDF approval form to Cornell's School of Continuing Education by emailing cusce@cornell.edu. IC-CU Exchange Petitions will not be accepted before part-time student registration opens. See Cornell's fall/spring academic calendar for part-time student registration dates.
  3. Be sure to read through the information on the Cornell University website about Local Exchange Student Policies.
  4. Go to Visiting Students/General Registrants page on the Cornell Website and follow the registration steps. IMPORTANT: You may skip the payment instructions under Step 4.
  5. Ithaca College undergraduate students whose Cornell enrollment puts them beyond 18 credits (between Ithaca College and Cornell University combined) must complete a form to exceed 18 credits. These students will be charged IC tuition for any credits over 18, on a per-credit-hour basis.
  6. At the end of the semester, once Cornell grades have been posted, please submit a request to have an electronic version of your Cornell transcript sent to the Ithaca College Registrar's Office (registrar@ithaca.edu). After the Registrar's Office receives your transcript, it may take several days for processing and for coursework to appear on HomerConnect.

How to Find Courses at Cornell University

1. Review the upcoming semester's course roster online at Cornell's Office of the Registrar. (Be sure the correct semester is selected in the top right.) 

2. Browse by subject or search for a specific topic or course. (Note: Course fees are not covered by the IC-CU Exchange Program.)

3. Contact Cornell's School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions with questions about course capacity or their Registration process. There is way to know whether a course at Cornell has space available.

4. To ask the instructor question(s) about course content or prerequisites, search Cornell's Directory for contact information on the instructor reported on the roster, and try reaching out to the instructor to ask questions as needed.

Getting to Cornell from IC

The following TCAT bus routes will get you from IC to Cornell:

  • Route 11 (IC to Commons)
  • Route 10 (Commons to Cornell)

Campus Maps