• Undergraduate students participating in the exchange program must maintain full-time status (12 credits or more) at their home institution to be eligible for participation. 

  • Ithaca College undergraduate students cannot exceed 18 credits between Ithaca College and Cornell University (combined) without completing a form to go beyond 18 credits. These students will be charged IC tuition for any credits over 18, on a per credit hour basis.

  • Ithaca College students cannot take the Cornell course on a pass/fail basis UNLESS Cornell offers it that way.

  • Students may not audit courses through this program.

  • Students may not enroll in zero-credit courses through this program.

  • The IC-CU Exchange Program is not free for graduate students. Ithaca College graduate students must be enrolled in at least 6 credits at Ithaca College to be eligible for participation in the exchange program. Graduate students must pay for a minimum of 9 credits (IC+CU) to qualify for the program. Cornell courses are charged on a per-credit basis at the student's graduate program tuition rate.

  • Students may take only courses not offered at their home institution. Schedule conflicts or unavailability of courses in a given semester do not constitute valid rationales for enrollment as an exchange student.

  • Course fees are not covered by the exchange program.

  • Enrollment is contingent upon space availability at the host institution.

  • Only one course per semester is permitted.

  • The exchange program is available during the fall and spring semesters only.

  • Credits and transcripts can be transferred to the student’s home institution. Refer to enrollment instructions you received at the beginning of the semester.

  • Ithaca College students have quality points and credits earned at Cornell included in their cumulative GPA. Cornell students should consult with their respective dean’s office or school registrar regarding the established practice of credits earned through the exchange program relative to their GPA.

Attention Seniors

Graduating Ithaca College seniors enrolled in a course at Cornell during their final semester will not receive their official diploma until the Cornell transcript is received and the grade posted.

Depending on when the transcript arrives, participation may result in a later graduation date.