Ithaca College-Cornell University Exchange Program

This exchange program is a reciprocal arrangement between Ithaca College and Cornell University that allows matriculated full-time students with prior approval and within stated stipulations, to cross-register for one course per semester.

No additional tuition is charged except in the case of 1) graduate students, and 2) undergraduate students enrolled during any one semester for a total of more than 18 credits (Ithaca College and Cornell combined). Those students are subject to additional tuition charges on a per-credit basis. Course fees (lab and supply fees, for example) are the responsibility of IC and Cornell students, and are not covered by this program.

Cornell University Students
Are you a Cornell University student interested in taking a course at Ithaca College via the IC-CU exchange?
Ithaca College Students
Are you an Ithaca College student interested in taking a course at Cornell University via the IC-CU exchange?


Campus location:
Peggy Ryan Williams Center 304
Fax: 866-924-6272

Mailing address:
Ithaca College
Office of Extended Studies
953 Danby Road • Ithaca, NY 14850