When to Study at ICNYC

The Music Immersion Program is open to all School of Music students, except BM in Sound Recording Technology (please see the ICNYC Sound Recording Technology Program) and BM in Music Theory. The program takes place in New York City each fall semester.

Each degree program has a recommended fall semester for students to participate in the ICNYC.

Junior Year:
Bachelor of Music in Music Performance, Vocal
Bachelor of Music in Composition

Senior Year:
Bachelor of Music in Music Education
Bachelor of Music in Performance and Music Education

Fifth Year:
Bachelor of Music in Performance and Music Education

Junior or Senior Year:
Bachelor of Music in Music Performance, Instrumental
Bachelor of Arts in Music
Bachelor or Music in Combination with an Outside Field
Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies

Fall Courses Part of ICNYC

6 credits        Liberal Arts  
There will always be a Fine Arts designated Liberal Arts course offered in NYC. There will always be a Social Science designated Liberal Arts course offered in NYC. Please review the Academic Course section of the ICNYC website to see all courses that are slated to be offered.

2-4 credits     Private Lessons  
The Dean and current faculty will approve studio professors in New York City. The professor will be assigned to the student. 

For vocalists: Students will receive 10 lessons with a studio professor and 4 vocal coaching sessions with one vocal coach. 

.5 credits       Professional Career Mentoring PFMJ 19800, NLA  
This course is designed to allow students to shadow a professional teacher/performer in their professional obligations.  Students will attend rehearsals, observe lessons, and attend performances in order to gain an understanding of the teacher's professional life in NYC.  This course will substitute for the required repertoire and pedagogy class (PFMJ 19900, also .5 credit) required for on-campus music students.

3 credits 
       Music in New York City MUMC 21100, LA A seminar designed around music performances such as orchestral, opera, musical theatre, chamber, and new music performances programed in NYC during the semester.  Students enrolled in the ICNYC program will attend a planned selection of at least seven performances and meet weekly for preparation, discussion, and reflection.  As appropriate students will have the opportunity to attend rehearsals and meet the artists. 

1 credit         NYC Music Special Topics Mini-course MUMC 22100, LA  Exploration and discussion of a special topic over two days and linked to events in NYC. 

Total credits: 12.5 to 14.5

Studying in NYC requires advanced planning with your advisor. Please review the academic planning guideline site: http://www.ithaca.edu/oip/nyc/som/cultural/

Practicing at ICNYC

Practicing is not only crucial for your success at Ithaca College, but for your future career. Ithaca College has made arrangements with rehearsal studios in New York City to provide students with amble time for solo practice. 

Opera America: 330 Seventh Avenue, NYC 10001 Tel. 212-796-8620

Ithaca College will pay for the following hours of rehearsal time during the fall semester:

2 hours per day: Winds, Percussion, Voice

3 hours per day: Piano, Strings


Studying in NYC is a time for Music and SRT majors to explore what professional life there can be. Through a partnership with Hunter College, students may audition for the Hunter Symphony or Jazz Ensemble. As students get to know their studio professors in the city, they may be presented with additional ensemble performance opportunities. Starting when students apply for the program, they are encouraged to then begin researching ensemble performance opportunities related to their instrument. There are many community groups that would welcome an IC student's participation.

Ready to apply?

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