Pre-Professional Preparation

Students in H&S are offered a robust liberal arts education, no matter what they choose as their area of study. Students in the broad set of majors across all of our divisions, the creative arts, the social sciences, the humanities, and the natural sciences, mathematics, and computer science, learn to think critically and make their own connections, which provides them with the ability to learn and apply knowledge in ever-shifting contexts.

Since many of our majors provide strong foundations for professional study, and most professional choices do not necessarily require a specific major, the School runs focused programs to support students seeking professional careers in medicine, the law, or teaching. Students participating in our pre-professional programs will find:

  • Guidance and advice about which courses to take to best prepare
  • Advice about selecting and applying to the appropriate graduate professional programs
  • Opportunities to connect with other IC students with similar professional goals
  • Opportunities to network with faculty and community members to learn more about the profession

If you are thinking about a career in medicine, the law, or teaching, get connected early by exploring the programs below.