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London is a great city with so much to do, so much to see...

Free and Cheap in London

Free and Cheap in London

Many are surprised to learn that there are lots of free and cheap activities to take advantage of in London. The staff members at the London Center, who have lived here for many years, will help students discover cheap deals, hidden gems, and other great ways to make the most of their time in London. Until arriving and meeting them, check out the info below. From food, to art, to music to other fun events, London can be very accessible to those on a budget.  

Museums: Most of the museums in London are free to enter! The Natural History Museum, the British Museum, the Science Museum, the Tate Britain and the Tate Modern - to name but a few - are all free to explore.

Markets: London markets are ideal shopping destinations for everything from food to flowers, modern art to antiques, clothes to jewellery, and more! 

Parks: London is home to plenty of green open spaces, all free to enjoy! Hyde Park, Regents Park, Victoria Park, Greenwich Park, Hampstead Heath, and so many more beautiful spaces are open to the public to walk, run, cycle, or just sit and relax.

Food Shopping: Supermarkets such as Aldi, Lidl, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, or Tesco are cheaper than smaller, local stores. But local street markets can be good for cheaper fruit and vegetables (depending on what's in season). Check out Brixton street market on Electric Avenue for fruit and veg. 

Events & More: Below are some links to websites and apps which are great sources of information for cheap and exciting events, exhibitions, deals etc. that London has to offer.

  • Time Out is a website and app which serves as a guide to all things happening in London from art to theatre, to LGBTQ+ life, music, and more.
  • Londonist is another great website and app which hosts lots of ideas of things to do and see, including a 'Free and Cheap' section which is updated every week. 
  • London For Free is a website that shares information on free and cheap walks, bus tours, attractions and more.
  • Free London Events is a website that lists free annual and daily events in the city.
  • Visit London is a website that outlines a number of attractions in London that are free to visit.
  • Secret London is an app that will help you discover all of London's best events.
  • Today Tix is an app for theatre tickets. Some may have already used the app in NYC. If so, simply change your location within the app to London and you'll get all the best ticket offers for London theatre.
  • Groupon is another app and e-commerce marketplace offering deals on activities, travel, goods, and services.
  • Living Social is a website and app hosting a marketplace which allows its registered users to buy and share things to do in their city.
Chat to staff about London living!

Orla enjoys spending her free time visiting London’s most famous markets, whether it be discovering new food delicacies in Borough Market or finding random knick-knacks on Portobello Road on a Saturday. London is most beautiful in great weather so a stroll along the Richmond riverside on a weekend is a must!

Caroline is involved in musical theatre so loves going to see shows in the West End, where there are lots of exciting, diverse productions on offer. She also likes hanging out in London's coffee shops, writing and people-watching!

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