ICLC Drama Program

The Drama Program is comprised of a series of courses for majors and non-majors alike, all of which use London as their backdrop.

The Ithaca College London Center (ICLC) is a vital part of many theatre students’ experiences during their four years at IC, offering the chance to experience the rich dramatic heritage of one of the world’s great theatrical capitals. Theatre students usually attend ICLC in their junior year.

Most students center their curriculum around 6 credits of experiential coursework that features lectures, discussions, intensive readings of British drama, and weekly theatrical walks through London streets, theatres, and museums. In addition, students see plays approximately twice a week, and guest lecturers enhance the learning experience. 

Other courses in the core theatre curriculum include Stage Combat, an acting course for B.F.A. performance students, and Applied Voice for musical theatre majors. A program requirement for most theatre students, Shakespeare, is offered each semester. Internships are available in several areas including management and technical theatre. Design students frequently enroll in British art and architecture courses.

In addition to the courses offered as part of the Drama Program, the London Center offers a wide variety of courses in other subject areas. For example, ICLC offers Irish Literature, British Youth Culture, classes in British media, music, and history: a cornucopia of excellent courses taught by fine British instructors that provide first-rate international experience.

Edinburgh Festivals
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