Employment in London

Part-time Work and Work-Study

Students on Tier 4 visas are offered the opportunity to work part-time if they choose. Students are restricted to working a maximum of 20 hours per week during term time so that the work does not interfere with their studies. Previous students have found part-time jobs in restaurants, pubs, and shops. The London Center also offers part-time work in two work-study roles: one in the front office and the other in the library. Shifts cover approximately 4-hour spans, in which students are responsible for answering the phone and door, completing office work, helping the ICLC staff look after the building, and maintaining the library. Work-study students are also responsible for keeping the Center open in the evenings and on weekends.  Shifts are assigned according to the student's availability and priority is given to students who have previously made their interest in doing work-study known to International Programs. The London Center cannot guarantee work-study shifts to everyone who applies, and the money earned should not be depended on for paying rent and bills, but rather seen as an extra supplement. Wages are paid in USD ($) at the same basic hourly rate as on the home campus and entered through IC HR Cloud. Students do not need to be a work-study student on the IC home campus to work at the ICLC.