Communications Innovation M.S.

" ... in ever-changing, disrupted businesses, risk-taking is essential, innovation is vital, and true innovation occurs only when people have courage." —Bob Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company and 1973 graduate of Ithaca College's School of Communications.

“The diversity of skills, ideas and insights I gained as a Fellow in the program help me build more effective, more creative communications strategies every single day." 

Timothy Miller ‘15,  SVP, Communications at Bank of America, Charlotte, North Carolina

Learn online - network at top destinations - and apply what you've learned on the job

Our M.S. in Communications Innovation is designed for high-potential professionals who want to leverage their real-world expertise and become innovation leaders in the communications sector without having to uproot or suspend their employment.  You'll be able to apply new behaviors and insights immediately in a highly collaborative online environment led by faculty with a rich history in teaching leading-edge communication.  You'll travel together to "destination intensives" to work with companies engaged in new technologies and new media products and to attend industry conferences. Together with smart peers, you'll build the skill-set and relationships to successfully design, propose, and manage the next generation of innovation.

Our program is intentionally small and selective - specifically designed for highly motivated people from all aspects of the communication profession including television, journalism, sports media, film, digital/social media, advertising/public relations, corporate communications, and educational media.  It focuses on what research shows you need to move up the ladder:

1) the ability to think more broadly about the entire communications and media landscape instead of becoming more narrowly focused - thereby becoming a more impactful leader who can generate new business and models of practice and manage a wide range of resources

2) a strong network of professionals and the skills to collaborate with individuals in related areas of communications innovation such as marketing, legal, computer science, and product design

3) the savvy to research, propose, and manage innovation projects from idea through execution - with the opportunity to create your own R&D final project with support from faculty, alumni, and librarians

4) the poise of a leader - being able to think, talk, and behave with confidence backed by contemporary research and practice in pitching your ideas.

The coursework for the M.S. degree program is based on 32 credit hours over two years, with most of the courses being online and asynchronous so it fits into the busy schedules of working professionals. The time commitment is approximately 7 to 10 hours per week. The degree also requires participation in several "destination intensive" courses taught in different locations over long weekends focusing on collaboration with organizations involved in various aspects of emerging ideas and practice.

We invite you to innovate with us.


If you'd like to inquire about applying, please contact the degree program director, Diane Gayeski, Ph.D or get additional information.

Application includes a résumé, college transcript, letters of recommendation, and interview (in person or via teleconference with director).