Continuing Your Education

While students in the Park School are well-prepared to continue on to graduate study, our undergraduate degrees and experiential learning opportunities are so rich that they typically find jobs immediately.  Some students do elect to go on to law school, or they find a complimentary graduate degree that gives them new skills and perspectives.  For example, some journalism students have gone on to study a specific field that they want to cover, such as finance or education.  Some students in communications management & design have pursued master's degrees in educational technology or in a specific content area such as public health.

You can also pursue a graduate degree right here at Ithaca College, and often students plan their undergraduate study so that they can even graduate a year early - getting a head start on their master's.

Ithaca College's School of Business, in partnership with the Park School of Communications and our School of Music, is offering an MBA program in Entertainment and Media Management that provides the skills and knowledge necessary to manage, develop, and distribute creative content. Through required business courses such as accounting, finance, business law, management, and marketing, along with an immersive experiential learning component, students engage with the full spectrum of operational decisions involved in running media and entertainment businesses.  Courses are on campus but include trips to our Los Angeles program and to festivals and conferences worldwide. Students can complete this degree in less than one year.

Explore Graduate School Opportunities

Our Center for Career Exploration & Development has a wide variety of resources including a rich set of online tools, workshops, and grad school fairs.