Follow these Steps to Help Secure an Internship, for Credit or Non-credit

1.  Review the section titled Internships and Careers thoroughly for detailed information on all topics related to internships.

2.  Meet with a Career Center Peer Career Advisor or Park Career Engagement Specialist to discuss interests, internship search tools, resume, cover letters, and interviews. Start early if you can. Six months or more in advance is great, but it's still possible to find opportunities later.

3.  Apply for internships that interest you! As many as you'd like.

4.  Inquire about possible Park School Internship Scholarship funding you may be eligible for.

5.  Congratulations! Once you accept an internship offer, get detailed information from your site supervisor about dates, hours, tasks, pay, etc. in writing. Revisit guidelines for assistance.

6.  Decide if you wish to request academic credit for the internship, and follow the submission guidelines in Handshake, following all required steps on the Handshake Guidelines document

7.  Good luck, enjoy the experience, and don't forget to add it to your resume and LinkedIn!