The Park School and Ithaca College have many resources to help you explore internships.  It's a partnership.  We don't place you in internships -- we help you learn to find opportunities, and we advise you on strategies and choices so that you have lifelong skills in networking and finding career placements.

Before making an appointment with our Career Engagement Specialist, please use the information here to explore internship guidelines, and use some of the online databases to find some possibilities on your own.  That will make your individual appointment much more productive.

file-outline Professional Development Employment & Internship Info Guide - Guide to Handshake.docx (16.52 KB)

From developing your pitch and creating a package to the required documents for receiving Internship Credit - this guide has it all! 

What Qualifies as an Internship?

An internship is a structured experience where students learn while working at an organization doing tasks that are related to a their major and/or career goal. 

In the Park School, students can do internships either for credit - or not for credit.  If you don't want to get credit for the internship, we can provide you with tools to find one, but you won't have a faculty or staff sponsor who can hold your internship site to a specific agreement.  If you want to pursue credit for an internship, it needs to meet a number of requirements so that we're sure that you're actually getting a great learning experience.  You'll need to:

  • create a proposal outlining your preparation for the opportunity and what new concepts or skills you will learn from the experience (remember, we're giving you academic credit for this, just like a course) 
  • secure a supervisor on your internship site with expertise in the field who can mentor you and evaluate your work (you can't just be asked to do work that nobody at your internship site knows how to do).  
  • submit a weekly log and a final essay or other requirements stated by the faculty or staff member who supervises the internships
  • work for 45 hours for each internship credit
  • pay for the credit if it's during the winter or summer or if it takes you over 18 credits in a given semester.