Why you Might Need Credit & How to Register for it

Earning credit for an internship is optional. It may be a requirement for a major or minor, an internship site requires academic credit or you are in need of additional credits for your degree. If none of these circumstances fit you, you may want to consider doing the internship for the experience and to build your resume. Please be aware that summer internships require a faculty advisor and will be an additional cost aside from tuition.

Applying for Credit? First, identify a Faculty Sponsor.

  • Summer internship - choose a Park faculty member. Be sure to reach out to the faculty member first to ask.
  • Fall/Spring internship – Typically your sponsor will be the Career Engagement Specialist or you can choose a Park faculty member.

Fill out the credit application.

The internship credit application is on Handshake at https://ithaca.joinhandshake.com/experiences. Click on “Experiences" under the “Career Center” tab and then “Request an Experience.” You should use the outline below to enter in the info and upload the required documents.

View an example

Attach supporting documents.

After you complete your application, go back and attach the following docs to your Handshake Internship Experience (there is a button for attaching documents at the end of the application):

  • Harassment Prevention completion certificate – take the online tutorial HERE.
  • Letter of agreement from the organization’s Site Supervisor to include:
    • Supervisor’s name and contact information
    • Internship start and end dates, and rough hours per week
    • Activities that you will engage in & how your responsibilities will increase over the term
    • What you will be learning (since you are receiving credit, it must be a learning opportunity with mentorship and support)
    • Description of the workspace/resources that will be provided. (Note that internships cannot be undertaken in a home office.)
    • Terms of compensation, if any

 Once you decide if you wish to request academic credit for the internship, simply follow the submission guidelines in Handshake, following all required steps on the Handshake Guidelines document

Internship Frequently Asked Questions

  • You must complete 45 hours per credit registered.
  • You can work more than 45 hours, as negotiated with site supervisor.
  • Summer internships will be based on the per credit tuition determined by the Office of Extended Studies.
  • Fall/Spring internship are included in tuition as long as you don't exceed 18 credits.

No. Unless required by your internship site, you do not have to register for credit for an internship.

If your employer requires documentation of academic credit, we can send them a letter confirming this. Send Suzanne Brache  (sbrache@ithaca.edu) the name, title, and email address of the person requesting it.