Apply for Internship Funding

The Park School Offers the Following Internship Funding Opportunities

The Progressive/Independent Media Internship Program

Funded by a generous benefactor, The Progressive/Independent Media Internship program offers recipients up to a $3,000 stipend for a credit-bearing summer internship with an independent media organization. The link above provides locations where students have interned in the past.

James B. Pendleton Award for Student Internships

These awards are available to academically qualified students to supplement the costs associated with undertaking an internship or other professional development opportunity, either in the summer or in our semester programs in Los Angeles or NYC.  Students are notified about the application process each year via our Park e-newsletter.

The Emerson Summer Internship

A Provost Office grant, The Emerson Summer Internship provides one senior an award of $3000 for a credit-bearing summer internship.
Submit the following to Gwen Benners,  Park 328, Program Assistant for Scholarships and Inclusion by 9:00am Monday April 20th 2000:

  1. Name, contact information, major, GPA.
  2. A description of the summer internship you've secured. (Please indicate if you are already enrolled in this internship.)
  3. How this internship dovetails with your goals in the communications field.
  4. Your anticipated expenses in undertaking this internship. What is the compensation, if any.
  5. Resume

The Big Apple Award

Made possible through the generosity of Park School alumni working in the New York City area, the Big Apple Award provides up to three $1,500 awards to support credit-bearing undergraduate summer internships undertaken in the New York City area.


  • Proven financial need as established by the Ithaca College Office of Financial Aid.
  • Evidence of your academic and/or creative merit in communications.
  • The quality and career relevance of the internship opportunity.

Submit the following to Gwen Benners , Park 328 no later than May 1st.

  1. The documentation and description of the planned internship
  2. A letter of intent that describes the applicant’s academic/career goals and how this internship furthers those goals.
  3. A resume including academic and creative achievements and activities.
  4. A budget of anticipated costs and expenses for the duration of the internship, including travel, room and board.
  5. A completed Ithaca College Application for Internship Credit (document link below)

Need Financial Assistance to Do an Internship?

We recognize that it can be expensive to do an internship - you may need to get housing in a major city or the internship sponsor may require that you register for academic credit.  If you have concerns about this, talk with Kirk Harbinger, our Professional Development Coordinator in Park 377 or Gwen Benners, the Program Assistant for Scholarships and Inclusion in Park 328.