Participants in the program in the fall and spring semesters must be full-time students enrolled for a minimum of 12 credits.

Fall/Spring Students

Fall and spring semester students register for between 13 and 17 credits. Most students register for 15 credits. All students are required to register for a 6-credit internship and “Media Industries,” a 1-credit seminar.

A typical 15-credit schedule consists of: 

Internship 6 credits
Two 3 or 4 credit courses 6 - 8 credits
Two 1-credit courses (optional) 2 credits
Media Industries* 1 credit
TOTAL 13 - 17 credits

 *Media Industries is a required one-credit course that provides a chance for students to learn from professionals currently working in the entertainment industry. 

Summer Students

Summer students must enroll for 3-5 internship credits, based on individual academic credit needs. Summer students have the option of also enrolling in one or two 3-credit courses.