Summer 2024 Information

The ICLA Summer Program is designed to give students a concentrated internship experience in Los Angeles's communications and media industries. We offer social events throughout the summer to help build community and provide casual networking skill-building.

CREDITS: Summer ICLA students are required to enroll for 3-5 internship credits. There is no requirement for summer academic class enrollment. Students who do enroll for summer classes are limited to 12 total credits (internship credits + class credits) for summer enrollment. NOTE: Returning ICLA students, May graduates, and August graduating students may enroll for just 1 internship credit. Senior SCREENWRITING majors graduating in August must consult with their advisor regarding their summer internship credit requirement if they are not returning ICLA students.

INTERNSHIP HOURS REQUIREMENTS: Students must work a minimum total of 45 hours for each internship credit registered. These hours can be worked at one, two, or more internship sites. There is no need to register for more credits if your working hours will exceed the minimum requirement. It is acceptable to work at paid internships. 

  • 3 credits x 45 hours = 135 total minimum hours
  • 4 credits x 45 hours = 180 total minimum hours
  • 5 credits x 45 hours = 225 total minimum hours

HOUSING: Students can lease apartments through Kapi Student Housing or find their own housing. Kapi rental rates will be posted when available.

TUITION: Summer 2024 tuition is $600/credit. Summer students are charged tuition per credit hour. There is a 3-credit minimum for undergraduate student summer registration, or 1-credit for May graduated seniors or August graduating seniors. 

PREPARATION ORIENTATION: Click here to view the Zoom Orientation meeting that was held on Sunday, February 25 for more information about the ICLA summer semester. 


Semester Dates and Deadlines

Friday, April 5

Kapi application due to apply for housing through the Kapi website

Friday, April 19

Internship Search Log due in ICLA office

Sunday, May 19

Kapi housing opens

Tuesday, May 21

ICLA Orientation (MANDATORY)

Wednesday, May 22

Internships officially begin

Tuesday, July 4

Independence Day Holiday (offices closed)

Friday, July 26

Last day of internships

Sunday, July 28

Kapi housing ends