ICLA Course Offerings

Course offerings are subject to change. Please refer to the course catalogue for current courses being offered. Contact the ICLA program staff at laprogram@ithaca.edu to find out more details about upcoming semesters' courses.

Summer Courses

Cinema & Photography
CNPH 49000 Cinema & Photography Internship (3-5 credits)

JOUR 49000 Journalism Internship (3-5 credits)

Strategic Communication
STCM 49000 STCM Internship (3-5 credits)

TVR 49000 Television-Radio / Emerging Media Internship (3-5 credits)

Writing for Film, TV and Emerging Media
MASS 49000 Writing Internship (3-5 credits)

Fall and Spring Courses

Note that course offerings change each semester. Please contact the ICLA office with any questions about upcoming semesters.

Cinema & Photography
CNPH 30000  Fiction Film Theory* (3 credits)
CNPH 49000  Cinema & Photography Internship (6-8 credits)

GCOM 32600 Media Industries (1 credit; required for all ICLA students)

JOUR 49000  Journalism Internship  (6-8 credits)

Strategic Communication
STCM 49000  STCM Internship  (6-8 credits)

TVR 33500  Electronic Media Criticism** (3 credits)
TVR 49000  Television-Radio / Emerging Media Internship (6-8 credits)

Writing for Film, TV and Emerging Media
MASS 32700 Development for Entertainment Media (3 credits) (typically spring semester only)
MASS 33300 Writing the Feature Film (typically spring semester only)
MASS 43300 Thesis Screenwriting (typically spring semester only)
MASS 43400 Thesis Writing for Screen Media (4 credits) (typically fall semester only)
MASS 49000 Writing Internship (6-8 credits)


Note: One-credit elective courses are not currently offered at ICLA. This is an historic list only.

Sample mini-courses include:

  • Motion Picture Marketing

This course examines the process of marketing a motion picture. Topics to be covered are film distribution patterns, publicity, promotion, product placement, and post-opening marketing. The course examines the role of the exhibitor, market researcher, and media planner.

  • Film Development

This course will cover the stages of the development of a film project. Among the topics to be addressed include script notes, pitching, casting and marketing with guest speakers highlighting each of the stages.

  • Religion and Media: God and Faith on Television and Film

This course explores the role of religion in media and provides students with a greater understanding of the intersection between organized religion, spirituality, and the media, and how this intersection impacts contemporary American society. 

For specific course descriptions, go to www.ithaca.edu/catalogs.
*Fulfills Writing Intensive requirement
**Fulfills Writing Intensive and Diversity Designated requirements