James B. Pendleton Center

The Ithaca College Los Angeles Program is housed in the James B. Pendleton Center which sits just behind the main Warner Brothers Studio lot. The Pendleton Center, which opened in the spring of 2000, is a fifteen-minute walk from the Oakwood Apartment complex where our students live.

Pendleton Center Resources:
  • Classrooms – Lecture, classroom and conference rooms all equipped with TV/VCR/DVD systems

  • Faculty Offices – Academic, career and residential advisors on staff.

  • Computer Lab – Mac/PC lab with high-speed Internet, scanner and laser printers

  • Screening Room - HD projector, 120" screen, PS3, Roku, seating for 30

  • Wireless Internet – Secure network available to all students

  • Library – Reference materials and periodicals available on all academic and industry-related topics. 

  • Media Library – Over 1200 film and television DVDs and 250 scripts available for students and staff to check out  

  • Student Lounge & Kitchen – Big screen TV/VCR/DVD systems, vending machines, refrigerator, microwave and toaster oven

  • Student Mailboxes – correspondence from ICLA program staff, main campus and personal mail