Health Promotion Majors

With a health promotion major, you will focus on helping people to increase control over their own health. These majors examine a wide range of social and environmental interventions that are designed to benefit and protect individual people’s health and quality of life. Upon graduation, you will understand how to address and prevent the root causes of poor health, not just focusing on treatment and cure.

How You Will Learn

Built around a professional core, each of our health promotion majors offers specialized areas of concentration. For example, students in health care management complete a minor in our School of Business. Many of our students in the health sciences prepare for advanced study, aspiring to attend graduate schools of medicine, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner; obtain a master's degree in public health; or become a registered dietitian. Some of our public and community health majors choose to concentrate in a specific area of health, while others develop an individualized plan of study in consultation with their advisor. Each degree program culminates in an internship, providing the opportunity to work with outstanding professionals in a real-world setting.

Select your area of interest:

Health Care Management

I would like to learn more about combining a solid business foundation with an understanding of pressing health care delivery and policy issues.

Health Sciences (food and nutrition, planned clinical, premedical)

I would like to learn more about obtaining a solid foundation for graduate work in fields as diverse as clinical research, nurse, nurse practitioner, nutrition, medicine, occupational therapy, physician assistant, and physical therapy.

Public and Community Health

I would like to learn more about helping people best eat, live, work, and exercise or communities pursue ethical, fair, and cost-effective public health policies.


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