Teacher Preparation Majors

Make a difference for youth by shaping their health and wellness habits early through teaching. Teachers make a difference, with visible results in the progress of students. You will likely learn just as much from your student's questions as they will from you! The teaching profession is versatile, and permits you to find employment and live all over the world. Also, if you like an exciting and varied work environment, no two days are the same in the life of a teacher.

Our Educational Philosophy

Our accredited program exposes you to the latest teaching theories in health and physical education. We build your skills to work collaboratively and effectively with diverse communities of students and families. Our carefully designed and supervised program combines theory, research, and practice. You will obtain a solid foundation in the content, professional, pedagogical, technological, relational, and cultural knowledge and experiences of teaching. You will graduate job-ready, as an engaged and effective health and/or physical education teacher for all students in the 21st century.

Our teacher education students complete a semester of student teaching, 7 weeks at the elementary level and 7 weeks at the secondary level. Our student teaching placement sites vary. One placement must occur in a high-needs school. Students who are interested in studying abroad can take advantage of the opportunity to have one of their student teaching placements in Cyprus. 

Our teacher education programs are aligned with New York State standards for teacher education. More information about applying for initial teacher certification and New York State teacher certification exams is available on the All-College Teacher Education Committee website.

Select your area of teaching interest:

Health Education

I would like to learn more about teaching young people about attitudes, motivation, and practices related to health issues and messages - and how to guide them through this maze of difficult decisions.

Physical Education

I would like to learn more about teaching students about the importance of physical activity and develop a solid understanding of behavioral and exercise sciences and of teaching methods.

Health Education and Physical Education

I would like to learn more about the dual-degree program in health education and physical education, so that I am doubly marketable when it comes time to find a teaching job.


Ithaca College is a member in good standing of the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP). Currently, the All-College Teacher Education Committee is moving forward with accreditation under the AAQEP standards. As part of that process, we anticipate an onsite visit during the fall of 2021. Our health education and physical education programs are currently recognized by our professional organizations.


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