Student Advisory Council

Provide feedback and suggestions regarding curriculum content in recreation and leisure studies majors and minors.


The purpose of the Student Advisory Council (SAC) is to provide Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies (RLS) faculty members with advisory feedback and suggestions regarding curriculum content and major and/or minor requirements that can affect their professional development.


  1. Students interested in being members of the Student Advisory Council (SAC) must submit an email to the Department Chair. Interested students should include the following information in their email: name, major, year in school, and why they would like to serve on SAC.

  2. The Student Advisory Council (SAC) should ideally consist of an outdoor adventure leadership major, recreation management major, and a therapeutic recreation major. The Student Advisory Council should also include at least one minor. The total number of students on the Student Advisory Council should be a minimum of five students.

  3. New members may be appointed to the council by recommendation of department personnel, present advisory council members, or self-nomination. Membership may vary semester to semester based off of the department's needs.


  1. The Student Advisory Council will meet at least twice each semester. A preliminary meeting will occur with the RLS SAC faculty advisor to advise this group of its responsibilities and to have the SAC group select two co-chairpersons. The second meeting will consist of SAC members meeting with RLS students to solicit feedback on specific curricular and policy issues and to provide general feedback on their perceptions of the academic program. This can be accomplished by setting up meetings with the RLS students and/or surveying the students. The third meeting will consist of SAC members sharing student feedback with RLS faculty members at a formal RLS faculty meeting. Discussion will follow between SAC members and RLS faculty members.

  2. When major revisions in the curriculum, minors and/or academic policies are being contemplated, special meetings may be called. If a major is being revised, the Student Advisory Council would appoint at least two students to meet in an advisory capacity with the major coordinator (outdoor adventure leadership, recreation management, and therapeutic recreation). Both students should be registered in the major being revised. This same process would be utilized for revision of the minor in outdoor pursuits or recreation. When a new major is being proposed, the same procedures would apply.


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