The B.A. in Architectural Studies is a liberal arts program that educates students interested in the design professions.

The curriculum combines coursework in architectural history and theory, environmental and sustainability studies, math, and physics with studio experiences in art and architectural design. An Architectural Studies degree from IC provides a path to professional training and practice in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, historic preservation, urban design, and city planning. 

A Holistic Approach

Our program taps into the growing societal interest in the built environment and its relationships with natural and cultural forces. The opportunity to pursue architectural study in the context of the diverse courses offered in the School of Humanities and Sciences prepares students to be more conscientious, informed and well rounded design professionals, aware of the promise of good architecture and urban form to improve daily lives and enhance the sustainability of our ecosystem.  

Mentoring and Career Guidance

Our high student-faculty ratio, especially in design studio and advanced history and theory courses, ensures that students enjoy close working relationships with their faculty, and with other students in the program at all levels. Faculty take an active role in mentoring students through their four years, including intensive next-steps planning in the senior year.

History/Theory & Urbanism Sequence

Courses in architectural history and theory provide students with the basic tools and global perspectives for understanding building practices and architectural ideas. These courses provide a context for creation in the present, and a repertoire of past responses to evolving cultural and environmental conditions. A capstone experience of an academic seminar or a professional internship gives students the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have gained in these courses to real issues in a variety of settings.

The Design Studio

Studio courses in art and architectural design train the hand and the eye, cultivating creativity and teaching representational skills including hand drawing, computer drafting and model building techniques. Coursework in the Art department provides a foundation in drawing and sculpture, skills necessary for advanced work in architectural design.

A two-course sequence in architectural design studio, followed by a senior portfolio course, train our students to create and critically appraise their design projects. These courses provide structured guidance in how to explain and present their work graphically and orally; skills that will help them when applying to graduate schools and for employment opportunities. Studio is taught by faculty with a professional degree and professional experience in architecture, as well as advanced academic degrees. Invited academics and professional practitioners regularly visit the studio to review student designs and portfolios.

Architecture and the Environment

Our program also exposes students to the socio-political impacts of building activity and their effects on the sustainability of our ecosystem. Required coursework in Physics and Calculus trains students in the fundamental tools for understanding the physical behavior of structures and materials and prepares students for graduate study in architecture.

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Note: The B.A. in Architectural Studies is a degree that does not qualify students to practice architecture. Students who want to practice architecture and become licensed architects may pursue an NAAB accredited Master of Architecture program after completion of the B.A. in Architectural Studies or the student may submit experience to the New York State Education Department that is acceptable to the New York State Board for Architecture totaling 9 years after completion of the B.A. in Architectural Studies. Graduates of the B.A. in Architectural Studies would most likely need to pursue a 3-3.5 year Master of Architecture program in order to receive a Master of Architecture degree from an NAAB accredited program.

What can you do with an Architectural Studies Degree from Ithaca College?

Graduates from our program have pursued Masters of Architecture (M.Arch) degrees at the University of Pennsylvania, the Rhode Island School of Design, The Ohio State University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Temple University. Others have been accepted into Masters of Landscape Architecture programs at the University of Pennsylvania. Graduates have also been hired right out of school by a variety of architecture, engineering, real estate, and building supply firms.

Recent guest visitors to Architectural Studio include:

Caroline O’Donnell (Cornell; CODA )
Chris Parker (Stream Collaborative)
Emily Smith-Pelicano (King & King)
Leslie Lok (Cornell)
Sasa Zivkovic (Cornell)
Amber Bartosh (Syracuse)
David Shanks (Syracuse)

Architectural Studies Faculty Members

For more information, please feel free to contact one of our faculty:

David Salomon / Assistant Professor and Architectural Studies Program Coordinator
Phone:  607-274-1380
Email:  dsalomon@ithaca.edu 
Office:  G119 Gannett Center

♦ Lauren O'Connell / Professor
Phone:  607-274-1377
Email:  oconnell@ithaca.edu
Office:  G118 Gannett Center

♦ Zohreh Soltani / Assistant Professor
Phone:  607-274-3482
Email:  zsoltani@ithaca.edu
Office: G114 Gannett Center

Logan Weaver wins a Whalen Symposium Award

Congratulations to Logan Weaver '16 (Architectural Studies) on winning a 2015 Whalen Symposium Award for his paper "Art, Use and History: SAH Archipedia for New York State."