Mentor teachers are a key part of our teacher education programs. You are role models for our students, and we look to you for support and guidance as our students complete their student teaching under your direction. 


  • Observation Form: for use with Ithaca College student teacher; copies of this form will be provided to you by the College Supervisor.
  • Final Evaluation Form: for the Ithaca College student teacher; included with this form is a set of performance indicators that may be helpful to you as you complete the evaluation form.

For contact information for Ithaca College teacher education faculty, please see the "faculty and staff" section of our website.

To offer feedback on our program, please feel free to contact any teacher education faculty member or Dr. Elizabeth Bleicher, Interim Chair, Education Department.

For information on mentor teacher payment, please contact Sarah House, Teacher Certification Specialist at: 274-1488 or teachered@ithaca.edu