Meet our Faculty and Staff

  • Sara Levy

    Associate Professor and Chair of Department of Education - Social Studies Education, History Education

  • Peter C Martin
    Associate Professor and Chair of Graduate Programs in Education- Inclusion Special Education, Second Language Acquisition and Bilingual Education, Urban Education
  • Jeane Copenhaver-Johnson 
    Associate Professor, Department of Education and Associate Provost for Academic Programs - Language and Literacy, Teacher Inquiry, Education for Social Justice
  • Sean Eversley Bradwell
    Assistant Professor - Educational Policy; Race Theory; Social Justice; Hip Hop Culture
  • Ellie Fulmer
    Associate Professor - Multicultural Education, Anti-Racist Pedagogy, Practitioner Inquiry, Content Area (Disciplinary) Literacies, Sociocultural Literacy, Racial Comedy
  • Shuzhan Li
    Assistant Professor - ESOL, Bilingual Education, Teacher Education, English language learners
  • Nia Nunn
    Associate Professor - Black Girl Empowerment ~ Anti-Racist Feminist Pedagogy, Elementary Classroom Management/Community Development, Prevention, and Intervention
  • Jeff Perry
    Lecturer - Agricultural Science, Teacher Education
  • Glen Robertson                                                                                                                                                                                          Teacher Certification Specialist
  • Mai An Rumney
    Accreditation Coordinator
  • Kimberly Slusser
    Field Experience Coordinator

  • Marcy Sutherland
    Instructor - Special Education, Inclusive Classrooms, 1st-6th Grade Classrooms, Literacy and Differentiated Instruction, Teacher Inquiry
  • Kim Wojtanik
    Administrative Assistant


Linda Hanrahan
Retired Associate Professor

Teresa Michel
Retired Instructor - Social and Cultural Foundations of Education

Patricia Tempesta
Retired Assistant Professor

Jeff Claus
Emeritus Professor - Social and Cultural Issues in Education -- Multicultural Education and Culturally Responsive Teaching

Cristina Gomez
Associate Professor - Mathematics Education, Teacher preparation

Carla Stetson
Associate Professor, Department of Art and Coordinator of Art Education (Introduction to Drawing, Introduction to Sculpture, Three-Dimensional Design)