Teacher Inquiry Conference Program

Friday, June 24th from 9am to 3pm

Links for individual sessions and rooms are included below.

9:00-9:50am, Opening Remarks & Keynote

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  • Opening Remarks: Dr. Shuzhan Li, Assistant Professor of Education
  • Department Chair’s Welcome: Dr. Sara Levy, Chair of Education Department
  • Introduction of Keynote: Dr. Peter Martin, Chair of Graduate Programs in Education
  • Keynote Address: Dr. Ellie Fulmer, Associate Professor of Education
  • Transition to Sessions: Dr. Peter Martin

10:00-11:00am, Session #1

Gold room

  • Chris Janas, Mathematics Education

    Becoming a Warm Demander: Developing Positive Relationships with Students to Increase Academic Response

  • KristiAnn Frank, Agriculture Education

    How Can I Create a Space in My Classroom That Remains Inclusive and Effective for Learning?

  • Stephen Robertshaw, Agriculture Education

         How Do I, As an Agriculture Teacher, Frame Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) So That It Motivates and Engages Students to             Participate in Learning and Gain Knowledge in Agriculture Content?


  • Kelly Douglas, English Education

         Supporting Students' Social and Emotional Needs

  • Katie Gardner, Childhood Education

         Normalizing Gender Exploration and Creativity in a Sixth Grade Mathematics and Science Classroom

  • Julia Kucza, Childhood Education

    How Can I Effectively Teach Young Thinkers about Social Justice and Activism Through Literacy?


  • Lesley Arsenault, Agriculture Education

         Motivation: How can I Intentionally Motivate My Students in Different Agriculture Class Settings?

  • Miller Lawton, English Education

    Motivating the Unmotivated

  • Sydney Kay, Chemistry Education

    Owning Your Choices and Their Consequences: Using Kindness, Respect, and Honesty to Build Community in High School


11:00-11:15am, Break

11:15-1:20pm, Special Guest Address and Session #2


Carly Santangelo

Cuba-Rushford Central School District

New York State 2022 Teacher of the Year



  • Karly Marshman, Agriculture Education

    Educator Bias Within the Agriculture Classroom

  • Paige Thorne, Agriculture Education

    Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) in My Secondary Agricultural Education Classroom


  • Molly Bello, English Education

    Fidgets as Tools, Not Toys

  • Savanna Scott, Childhood Education

    Regulating Self-Care to Be a More Consistent Teacher


  • Jack O’Reilly, Social Studies Education

    Reading in the Social Studies Classroom: Literacy Alongside Content

  • Nina Randazzo, English Education

    Using a Transparent Framework to Increase Motivation and Build an Equitable Classroom

1:20-1:40pm, Break

1:40-2:40pm, Session #3


  • Nicholas Thompson, Mathematics Education

    Think Before You Speak: An Analysis of How Teachers Can Assess Their Content Delivery and Model Their Intentions to Enhance Student Engagement and Participation Within the Classroom

  • Justine Cefalu, Childhood Education

    Slow and Steady Wins the Race: A Study of Engagement in a 3rd Grade Classroom


  • Carolyn Wright, Agriculture Education

    The Effect of Non-Traditional Teaching Methods on Student Engagement and Interdisciplinary Connections and Retention

  • Bruce Avery, Mathematics Education

    Changing the Mathematics Culture: Examining a Non-Traditional Approach to Mathematics Teaching

  • Lily Berghorn, Agriculture Education

        Teachers and Students Are Humans too: The Effects of Relationship Building on Student Motivation


  • Emily Plummer, Childhood Education

    A Delicate Balance: Curriculum and Care in the Elementary School Classroom

  • Sarah D’Urbano, Childhood Education

    The Transition from Babysitter to Teacher: Working with Children Across Contexts

2:40-3:00pm, Celebration and Closing Remarks

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Congratulations to the Class of 2022 Teacher Education Graduate Students!

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