2019-2020 Teacher Research Fellows

  • Gina Amici, South Hill Elementary School, Ithaca City School District
  • Nicole Decker, Freeville Elementary School, Dryden Central School District
  • R. J. Malabanan, Regional Alternative School, TST-BOCES
  • Lisbet Rattenborg, Trumansburg Middle School, Trumansburg Central School District
  • Melody Riker, Smith School, TST-BOCES
  • Cara Salibrici, Boynton Middle School, Ithaca City School District
  • Jamie Saroka, Lansing High School, Lansing School District

2018-2019 Teacher Research Fellows

Seven adults smile in a boardroom

Teachers in the 2018-2019 cohort at an early meeting.

  • Laura Havill, TST BOCES - Smith School - Exceptional Education
  • Andie Huskie, Lansing High School
  • Kelly Lutz, Dryden Elementary and Freeville Elementary 
  • Jennifer Merkle, TST BOCES - Smith School - Turning Point High School
  • Sarah Powell, Dryden Elementary School
  • Rachel Valenzano, Beverly J. Martin Elementary School 
  • Jennifer Visscher, Fall Creek Elementary School

2017-2018 Teacher Research Fellows

Six adults smile in front of a whiteboard

Members of the 2017-2018 cohort, with Randi, after presenting research at the 2018 Ithaca College Teacher Inquiry Conference.

  • Belinda Adams, Smith School at TST-BOCES
  • Aziza Ejaz, Dryden Elementary School
  • Kyle Erickson, Ithaca High School
  • Rachel Kloppel, Trumansburg Middle/High Schools
  • Jody Latini, Trumansburg Elementary School
  • Anastasia Mazur, Lansing Middle School

2016-2017 Teacher Research Fellows

Six adults sit at a round table and smile

A subgroup of teachers from the 2016-2017 cohort present research at the New York State Foundations of Education Conference.

  • Elizabeth Rechtin, Dryden High School
  • Todd Robinson, Trumansburg Middle School
  • Kara Frost-Clapp, Trumansburg Middle School
  • Mike Cecere, Caroline Elementary
  • Keri Sheridan, Ithaca High School
  • Patricia Parsons, South Seneca Middle School
  • Mary Balfour, Dryden Schools
  • Holly McLean, Groton Elementary School

We owe thanks to the teachers who participated in our 2013-2014 pilot version of the TRF: Jill Hellerman, Deb Sidhu, Andrew Grayson, Janet Giewont, Rebeca Porras, and Ann Caren.

"This was a fantastic, positive experience! If only every educator could have the opportunity to do this every few years. . . . Keep this program!"

Former Teacher Research Fellow

Support for this Program: Acknowledgments

The Teacher Research Fellows would not be possible without the support of the following organizations and individuals: TST-BOCES, the Ithaca College Department of Education, the Clynes Collaboration Grants Program (Tompkins Trust), and the district- and school-based administrators who support teacher participation in this program.

Thank you.