The H&S Summer Scholars program offers optional, subsidized on-campus housing for students during their time in the program.

We believe by making affordable housing available, we are best able to support Scholars who are unable or uninterested in securing off-campus housing for the summer experience.

Summer 2020 is running as a remote program due to COVID-19. We have left what we offered for Summer 2019 up for reference. 

Summer 2019 Housing

  • All student workers, including Summer Scholars, will be housed in Terraces.
    • Students who may need special housing accommodations for health reasons must contact Student Accessibility Services by May 4th to register for those accommodations; SAS works directly with the office of Summer Housing to manage these types of arrangements.
  • Every effort is made to group Summer Scholars together on the same floor, or adjacent floors.
  • Summer campus housing is available beginning at 4:00pm on Sunday, May 19, 2019.
    • Students who need housing before they begin working on their H&S Summer Scholars project must make their own arrangements. The College does not provide storage for students’ belongings.
  • The date that students may begin moving into their fall housing assignment is still TBD.


  • We subsidize the full cost of a double room.
    • Students may request a single room.
    • Students living in a single will be charged $10/week for the single.
  • Housing is provided only during the weeks when the Scholar is working.
    • The dates of summer housing reserved by the Scholar must coincide with the start and end dates for the project that students provide on the H&S Summer Scholars Confirmation form.
    • If a Mentor certifies that a Scholar will be working on their project for more weeks than they are in the program, they can live in campus housing for all the weeks while they are working on the project.
    • Scholars spending more than the allotted number of weeks in campus housing are personally responsible for the costs associated with the additional weeks spent in the dorm.
  • We subsidize the board costs of meals for the weeks that the Scholar is housed in the dorms and working on their project.
    • This meals subsidy is available only to Scholars who are living in the Terraces and do not have access to private kitchen facilities.
    • This amount will be added to the Scholars’ ID Express account.

If you'd like to learn more about living on campus during the summer, contact the Office of Summer Housing. They can answer your questions about the types of rooms, roommate assignments, amenities in the dorms, and all other questions related to living in the dorms during the summer.

For details about payment, billing, meal plans, etc. during the summer, please contact Conference and Event Services.

The H&S Dean's office is not responsible for any housing arrangements, meal plans, or policies regarding housing during the summer.