How do I apply for the premed program at IC?

There is no application procedure. Anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in the health sciences can register with the Health Professions Advisory Committee (formerly known as the "Premedical Advisory Committee"). Once registered, students will receive e-mails about upcoming events. Registration forms are available on-line.


Applying to Medical School

What you will need:

  • Transcripts from every college attended – this includes community colleges, etc.
    • This will be the most time consuming part.  You will need to categorize the courses into Biology/Chemistry/ Physics/Math (BCPM) versus all others.
  • List of all volunteer, work experiences – you will need to provide a contact/supervisor name for these.
  • Personal statement 


You should be using a Health Professions Advisory Committee letter if they have that option; these letters will normally be ready to send out in July. 

  • When requesting letters, send the Premed Chair a list of the schools the letters need to go to.
    • If you are applying to allopathic, osteopathic medical schools, or some optometry schools, we use an electronic letter delivery process:
      • VirtualEvals
      • AMCAS – some letters go through AMCAS, you will need to send us a form (with special ID number) so we can submit your letter to AMCAS. We will also need the schools you are applying to that use this mechanism of letter delivery.
  • For dental schools, please select the electronic submission option.
  • For veterinary we will send a paper copy of your letter. Please provide a complete address – this insures that your letter goes exactly where it needs to go. You do not need to provide envelopes, etc.  If there are forms that need to accompany your letter, you can mail them to me but be sure you have signed the confidentiality statement before sending them to the Premed Chair.

Remember – applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. 

The sooner you get your application in, the better your chances. Every year we see highly qualified applicants on wait lists – wondering if they will get in and not finding out until late spring or even summer - because they didn’t send in their applications until Fall.  Don’t let this happen to you!!!!