Media Effects and Media Literacy

Research Team 7
Supervised by 
Cyndy Scheibe
Office: 115-B

This research team is part of the Center for Research on the Effects of Television (CRETV), conducting research concerning television and social cognition, especially as it relates to social and cognitive development in children and pre-teens. Projects may involve content analyses of TV programs and/or commercials, and will focus on designing and evaluating the effectiveness of media literacy lessons designed to teach digital citizenship and health for elementary grades. Current projects are likely to include media literacy lessons for addressing gender stereotypes and mental health issues for third graders, as well as lessons on consumer education and nutrition for earlier grades.  Some work will take place in local schools, so team members must have time free in their course schedules between 8 am and 2 pm (at least one 3 hour block twice a week) for that work.