Finding and Booking Performance Opportunities

1. Log-in to the Student Performance Database with your Ithaca College Netpass ID and password. If you forgot your password or have trouble logging in, please contact Information Technology Services for assistance.

2. Look through the available venues and performance opportunities. When you find an opportunity of interest, first check your calendar. Your community work should not interfere with your class, rehearsal, or performance schedule. You will not be excused from your previous engagements for these opportunities.

3. Consult with your studio professor or chamber ensemble coach. Discuss the opportunity, including the repertoire you plan to perform.

4. Fill out the form below to request a performance.

6. You will receive an email within one business day from the Community Engagement Assistant confirming the receipt of your request.

7. The Community Engagement Assistant will contact the venue directly to set up the performance. Please note it may take some time for the venue to respond. The Community Engagement Assistant will provide updates to you and your studio professor or coach every three business days.

8. Once the performance is finalized with the venue the Community Engagement Assistant will email you with the details about the performance.


Once you book a performance, the performance is your responsibility. If you or a member of your ensemble cannot perform, you are responsible for finding a quality replacement that then must be approved by your studio professor or chamber coach. You must email communityconcerts@ithaca.edu and copy your studio professor or chamber coach with your replacement’s information as soon as possible but at least a week before intended performance date.


To request a performance, please click HERE.