Once a committee is created an assistant will be assigned to work with the search chair.

*Please refer to the school wide procedures for faculty searches for any additional questions. These procedures supersede the School of Music policies and procedures, if you see any discrepancies please contact Sara Jacobs.

Chair of committee will provide their assigned administrative assistant with all information listed for the online job posting through IC Cloud.

  • Name of Search Chair/Committee members
  • New position or replacing previous position
  • TE or NTEN
  • Start Date
  • Where position will be published (Chronicle, Ithaca Journal, higheredjobs, etc)
  • Recruitment Methods
  • Diversity Outreach Methods
  • ALANA names (underrepresented individuals you will contact, or schools that you will contact with a high percentage of underrepresented individuals)
  • Process for assessing applications and your quorum and decision making procedures
  • Job description
  • Job Qualifications

All search committee chairs are required to attend training on inclusive search procedures provided by a representative from Human Resources and the Vice Provost for Academic Programs in order to ensure that each committee chair understands the procedures and expectations.

If a search chair attends training one year and chairs a search the following academic year, they will not be required to attend the training, but would be required to attend if chairing a search in subsequent years.

Interviews at the semi-finalist level are expected to include a question related to diversity/inclusiveness in the teaching of the given discipline at the college level.

Search committees are to be diverse, with representation of different subfields, faculty from different ranks, and with regard to gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and identity inasmuch as that is possible.

Every search committee must include one faculty member from another department that has some interaction with the department searching for a new colleague (e.g., a search in music might turn to theater for an external committee member). External members need not come from outside the given school.

Each search chair receives a budget of $3,000 per search for tenure-eligible searches, and $1,200 per search for non-tenure one-year appointments with renewal. It is the responsibility of the search chair not to exceed the budget and mindfully manage expenditures, including meals, as there is no additional funds that may be spent on searches without the Provost approval.

NB: Additional funds are available from the Provost's office when there are finalists flying in from abroad.

Each search is advertised in the College Music Society, which costs $345.00 per national search

  • Hotels - $99.00/per night for two evenings (weekday); $139/per night weekends. Please check with the Administrative Assistant for current hotel rates.
  • Travel - $400-1000 per candidate (i.e. the earlier the flight is booked (3 weeks+ in advance), the less it will cost so plan accordingly)
  • Food - $200-300 per candidate average

All search committee members are expected to be respectful and mindful of the college's financial resources surrounding meals.

  • The chair is responsible for not exceeding the approved search budget of $3,000. So more expensive flights mean a less expensive meal.
  • Each meal with a candidate will have a maximum of two members from the search committee and will not exceed $150.00
  • It is understood that people will have no more than one drink per person; if a candidate orders more than one drink, so be it.
  • If the cost goes over the $150.00 amount, the senior faculty member at the meal should simply add a note to the receipt before they hand it in to Shannon Hills.
  • All meals need an ITEMIZED receipt - not just the credit card receipt
  • The assistant assigned to your search will book all lodging through Hotel Ithaca, if possible. Backup will be Country Inn and Suites or La Tourelle.
  • The assistant will receive the individuals travel information (name, departing airport, etc) and will forward information to Beverly Baker. She will acquire the candidates DOB before booking the flight.
  • meals outside of the search
  • baggage
  • taxi
  • parking at airport

In-person interviews need to be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance (3 weeks to a month is preferable, if possible).

Each faculty search candidate should have time for the following groups/activities:

  • Search Committee
  • Dean/or designee (30-minutes)
  • Department Chair
  • Students
  • Teaching/Presentation/Performance, as appropriate.


  • Search Committee
  • Supervisor
  • Staff
  • Faculty, as appropriate
  • Cabinet, as appropriate
  • Presentation, as appropriate

The search chair must schedule the "wrap-up" meeting at the same time as they are scheduling the interview. This helps ensure the entire committee and the Dean will be able to find a time at the conclusion of search.

Departments conducting searches must get approval of the list of semi-finalists to be interviewed: Approvals will come from Educational Affairs (Vice Provost for Academic Programs); the Vice Provost for Academic Programs will work with HR on this matter in order to ensure that we are being as inclusive as possible. There will be a form for the search committee to fill out listing all candidates who meet the minimum requirements and identifying which candidates the department wishes to interview at the semi-finalist level. This form will be signed by the search committee chair, department chair, and dean, before it is sent to the Vice Provost for final approval; the Vice Provost will work with HR seamlessly on this matter. Searches for joint hires will have to be signed off by both chairs and deans.

If there are no candidates from underrepresented backgrounds in the semi-finalist pool, departments will be asked to describe how the top three such candidates are not competitive for the search. HR will assist in identifying candidates from under-represented backgrounds if this is not clear from the application data.

Semi-finalist interviews must be conducted by at least two faculty members and whenever possible it should be the same faculty members conducting all the semi-finalist interviews.

Departments must get approval from Educational Affairs (Vice Provost for Academic Programs), who will consult with HR, for the proposed list of finalists to ensure that searches are as inclusive as possible.

There will be another form for this stage of the process; search committee chairs, department chairs, and deans will sign before the form is sent on to the Vice Provost for Academic Programs.

Please schedule finalist visits in such a way as to complete all aspects of the visit within one working day; exceptions to this scheduling are to be approved by the Vice Provost for Academic Programs.

There must be 2-3 finalists for each position. Departments are not authorized to bring in a fourth finalist unless and until the first three come to campus and none of them wind up with an accepted offer.

Candidates should fly in the day before and ideally have dinner with the chair of the search committee or his/her designee and up to two other members of the search committee the night before the finalist visit if that is possible.

If a department cannot come up with at least two finalists, the search must be closed and reopened with different parameters in order to bring in 2-3 finalists for each position.

The Vice Provost will consider requests for a fourth finalist visit as an exception to the procedure, but such requests must have compelling reasons.

Please click here to access the confidentiality statement for the School of Music

  • Search chair will send the assigned assistant a template message with a detailed schedule, CV, cover letter, and description of each candidate (degrees, name, previous location, etc) the week before the first candidate arrives. This will be emailed to all faculty and staff.
  • Search chair will also email information about open sessions for students to Shannon Hills to have her forward to all current students.
  • Search chair will also distribute comment sheets for faculty and students to comment upon the candidates that visit campus. Comment sheets will be done through Qualtrics. Please see Kitty Whalen to have a feedback form created.