Frequently Asked Questions About Commencement

Have a question about courses offered during one of our summer sessions? Take a look below to find an answer.

How do I register for a summer session course?

Online via HomerConnect. Nondegree students should visit ithaca.edu/nondegree for more information or email oes@ithaca.edu.

How much are summer courses?

For returning Ithaca College students, summer sessions 2020 per credit tuition is $300 per credit. This initiative intends to make supplemental summer coursework available and affordable to undergraduate students whose spring semester may have been impacted by the pandemic and who may now find themselves behind with degree progress.

For nondegree students, the summer 2020 tuition is $500 per credit.

I've heard that courses that fulfill requirements aren't offered at this reduced rate. Am I only allowed to take elective courses?

Summer sessions are optional for most undergraduate degree programs; so summer session courses are by design "elective." However, these courses can satisfy undergraduate requirements (ICC-designated, major/minor, etc.) at the $300/credit rate. This rate does not apply when summer study is a required part of a 12-month program, as with Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy where tuition pricing and financial aid awards have been built based on summer study.

What happens if I decide not to take the course after I register?

Summer classes can be dropped up to the first day of each summer session online via HomerConnect without financial penalty; however, after that first day, course cancellation is a withdrawal. Because of the accelerated format of summer, there is no withdrawal refund schedule. Course tuition is charged in full even after withdrawal.

Can I get on a waitlist for a summer course?

Waitlist functionality isn't available for summer sessions; however, you can request a capacity override.

Are all summer courses asynchronous or are there specific times I have to attend?

Nearly all of IC's summer sessions classes meet asynchronously, meaning there will be no scheduled meeting time. However, some online classes will have required synchronous meeting times. Expand the course offering in HomerConnect to review the "meeting times" to determine if there are scheduled meeting times.

I'm an international student. Do I need a visa to enroll in online classes?

No visa is required to take an online class at Ithaca College.

I've been admitted to the fall semester as a first-year student. Can I enroll in summer courses?

Welcome! Admitted students don’t yet have access to the system to register themselves for summer; the college’s systems don’t yet recognize you as an Ithaca College student. Admitted students new to IC will receive an email on or around May 18 describing the summer 2020 registration opportunities designed specifically for incoming first-year students. This will be followed by, in the first week of June, instructions on how to sign up for both summer and fall 2020 courses.

How many credits must one carry to be considered a full-time student? If I take classes and can reduce my credits to part-time in my Senior year, what are the ramifications for continuing as a part-time student? What happens to my merit scholarship and lo

Full-time enrollment is 12 credits per semester. Part-time student status in either or both of the fall/spring semesters will have residence life eligibility and financial aid award impacts. Students should contact SFS@ithaca.edu for information about how it impacts their financial aid awards and Residence Life to determine residence hall eligibility for part-time students.