Please refer to the Ithaca College undergraduate and graduate catalogs for complete details of College policies.

Advising and Course Selection

Ithaca College degree students -- Before selecting summer courses, matriculated Ithaca College students should consult with their faculty adviser, preferably during the spring semester.

Incoming students -- For recommendations regarding summer course selection, first-time Ithaca College students who have been accepted for matriculation should contact the dean's office of the school to which they have been accepted.

Extramural students -- Area residents, alumni, and Ithaca College employees not in degree programs may seek academic advice from the director of Extended Studies. Due to state licensing of online education we cannot accept online extramural students resident in Massachusetts.


Courses offered during summer sessions may not be audited. However, students may register for certain workshops on a non-credit basis.

Course Changes

Drops and Withdrawals

Matriculated students who would like to drop a course should do so online using HomerConnect during the add/drop period. Nondegree students should reach out to the Office of Extended Studies to drop course within add/drop period. Generally, late drops are not approved. Students may withdraw, but must complete a Withdraw from a Summer/Winter Course form (found at the bottom of this page) and submit it to the Registrar's Office with all required approvals. Add/drop and withdrawal deadlines can be found on the relevant term's Academic Calendar.

Note: Cessation of class attendance or notification of the instructor is not considered an official drop or withdrawal. Unless students officially drop or withdraw from a course, they are still registered for the course and will receive a grade of F even though they did not attend class. It is the student's responsibility to add, drop, or withdraw from a course.

Transcript Record

If a student drops or withdraws from a course offered during a five-week session, the following schedule applies:

  • First two days of class: no record on transcript
  • Before fourth week of class: W on transcript
  • Fourth week of class or after: F on transcript

If a student drops or withdraws from an individualized study course (i.e., independent study, internship, fieldwork, performance study, etc), the following schedule applies:

Length of Individualized Study

Add/Drop deadline*

Withdrawal deadline**

Up to 2 weeks

start date of individualized study two days prior to end date of individualized study

Between 2-5 weeks

by second day of individualized study four days prior to end date of individualized study

More than 5 weeks

by third day of individualized study six days prior to end date of individualized study

*No add/drop will be accepted after the time frames above.

** A "W" will be recorded on the student's transcript for a course withdrawal. No refund will be given for withdrawal.

Full-Time and Part-Time Status

For both undergraduate and graduate students, full-time status during the summer sessions is defined as enrollment in 6 credits of classroom instruction during any session. Enrollment in 3 credits in session I and 3 credits in session II is considered part-time status.

For purposes of federal and institutional financial aid, the definition of full-time status for undergraduate students is enrollment in a cumulative total of 12 credits during the summer; for graduate students, it is 6 credits.

New York State programs define a full-time student as one who is enrolled in a cumulative total of 12 credits during the summer. For further information, contact the financial aid office.

Final Examinations

Final exams are held on the last day of each session at the regularly scheduled time and place for each class.

Maximum Credit Load

Students are limited to four credits of classroom instruction during the May session and up to six credits during each five-week summer session, but may not exceed 11-credit hours total.

Students may participate in an internship or an independent study (in addition to the 11-credit maximum noted above), so long as they do not register for more than a cumulative total of 15-credits during the summer.

[Note: Homerconnect cannot enforce this policy. If registration exceeds these limits, students will be asked to change their enrollment.]

Suspension, Dismissal, Withdrawal, Leave

Students who are suspended, dismissed, withdrawn, or on leave of absence from any school at Ithaca College are not eligible to enroll in summer sessions courses.