Summer Tuition Rates and Fees

To support Ithaca College returning students, the 2020 summer session per credit undergraduate tuition rate has been reduced to $300 per credit for qualified courses.*

The summer 2020 per credit tuition rate for non-matriculated students has been reduced to $500 per credit.

Please review the maximum credit academic policy for summer sessions. HomerConnect will not restrict your registration automatically.

Graduate tuition rates vary by program and graduate courses are not included in the qualified undergraduate course listing.

*Summer sessions undergraduate course enrollment is optional.  PT/OT degree programs require summer coursework and are assigned tuition rates based on a mandatory twelve-month schedule. PT/OT summer tuition rates will be charged based on the original PT/OT program rate.

Contact Student Financial Services for more information about Summer financial aid and loan options.

The Audit option is not available during the summer.


Ithaca College Degree Students Returning Next Fall
Continuing Ithaca College students should register online for their summer courses using HomerConnect prior to making payment. Continuing IC students will be billed by student financial services for summer charges. Students will not receive grades for courses until tuition and fees are paid in full.

Students can view their student account information online. Any credit balance from the spring semester may, upon request, be applied toward summer courses. Summer sessions tuition is not included in the standard fall/spring semester tuition, room & board payments.

All scholarships or aid programs must be approved by the financial aid office.

Extramural Students (students not enrolled in a formal degree program)
Extramural students must register through the Office of Extended Studies by completing the Registration Form for Extramural Students. For non-local students, payment may be mailed prior to the session start date, or paid online via credit card after registration. See below under Payment Options.

Tuition Payment Options

Tuition payments can be made by check, money order, or electronic checking. Make your check or money order payable to Ithaca College. Visit the Tuition Payment Options page for complete information.


Refunds are not given after the first day of the May session or a workshop, or the second day of courses offered in summer session I or II.

Students who register for an independent study, internship, online course, or performance study are eligible for a refund if the experience is dropped before the add/drop period indicated on the academic calendar for individualized study.

No refund is given for a Withdrawal.


Office of Student Financial Services
Toll free: 1-800-429-4275