Deborah King

Professor and Grad Chair, Exercise Science and Athletic Training

Figure Skating

The Ithaca College biomechanics lab has done work funded by United States Figure Skating studying the biomechanics of figure skating.  Research projects have been supported by grants from The International Olympic Committee, The Internal Skating Union, The United Stares Olympic Committee, United States Figure Skating, and The Professional Skaters Association. 

Current projects include: 1) designing an instrumented blade to study impact forces in figure skating with Drs. Sarah Ridge and Steven Charles at Brigham Young University, and 2) understanding injury and training patterns figure skaters working with Drs. Andy Getzin and Jake Veigel at Cayuga Sports Medicine and Athletic Performance, and Dr. Shelly DiCesaro at California University of Pennsylvania.

Obesity and Overuse Injuries and Pain

Classifying overuse injury symptoms in people with obesitya and studying lower extremity anatomical and biomechanical variables that may be associated with these over use symptoms working with Dr. Geoffrey Moore or the Cayuga Center for Healthy Living and Dr. Jake Veigel of Cayuga Sports Medicine and Athletic Performance.


Studying how balance is maintained/controlled during the Star Excursion Balance Test by measuring center of pressure during the STEB test.  This project is in collaboration with Dr. Patrick McKeon, fellow ESS faculty member.


Studying the validity and reliability of using an iPad and app to measure landing mechanics during drop vertical jumps.  This project is in collaboration with Prof. Barb Belyea in the Department of Physical Therapy.

Equestrian Vests

Working with Dr. Keller we measured the impact absorption properties of three equestrian vests: the standard riding vest, an air vest worn over the standard vest, and a new hard shell vest.  Results are being provided to a vest company and plans are to publish results in an equestrian journal.


Case study of an athlete with Tarsal Coalition.  This project is in collaboration with Prof. John Winslow in the Department of Physical Therapy.