Deborah King

Professor and Grad Chair, Exercise Science and Athletic Training

The Biomechanics Lab and Neuromuscular Control Lab share the following equipment, which is used for both research and teaching.  The forceplates and Vicon Motion Capture System are also used in the Movement Analysis Lab, a new Lab in the basement of the Center for Health Science for biomechanical analysis of human movement as well as interdisciplinary projects.  The Movement Analysis Lab has 4 Kistler forceplates, a Bertec non-metalic forceplate, a flock of birds system, 9 camera optotrack system with motion monitor, an emed plate, a pressure sensitive treadmill, and a Biodex and is used primarily by faculty and students in Physical Therapy, Exercise and Sport Science, and Occupational Therapy. 

Cameras & Motion Capture
  • 7 Camera Vicon Nexus Motion Capture
  • 3D Automatic and Pan & Tilt Vicon Motus System
  • 4 SVSi StreamView High Speed Cameras with Laptops
  • 3 Photron HighSpeed FastCAM PCI cameras with 2 PCIe expansion boards
  • 5 JVC 60 Hz color cameras
Force Plates & EMG & Pressure Insoles
  • 2 AMTI force plates in 36 foot walkway / 240 sq foot platform
  • 2 BIOPAC DAQ Systems with
    • 7 surface electrodes
    • 2 electrogioniometers
    • 2 accelerometers
  • 2 S-beam strain gages
  • Tekscan F-Scan Data Logger and Wireless system
Testing Equipment
  • Cybex Isokinetic Human Norm Device
  • NeuroLab Balance Master
  • Newtest Powertimer Jump Mat and Timing System
  • FusionSport Smart Speed Reactive & Timing System
  • Cybex Orthotron Leg Press/Leg Extension Machine
  • Precor C954 Treadmill
  • 13.5' x 6' Putting Green
Computers & Software
  • National Instruments LabVIEW 2011
  • Vicon Nexus and Motus
  • Visual 3D 3.0
  • MATLAB 6.5
  • DartTrainer Basic, Kinovea
  • MaxTRAQ 2D
  • 5 Dell Optiplex 790 Windows 7 computers
  • 1 HP Windows XP computer
  • 4 Dell Latitude Laptops
The Balance Master and Cybex are located one floor above the Biomechanics Lab and are shared by the Departments of Exercise and Sport Sciences, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy.