Leann Kanda

Associate Professor, Biology



Fall 2020

  • BIOL-10210 Biology of Sex

Previously taught:

  • BIOL-11010-02- History of Life on Earth
  • BIOL-12100 Principles of Biology I lab
  • BIOL-12200 Principles of Biology II lecture & labs
  • BIOL-21600 Biostatistics Practicum
  • BIOL-22040 Honors Seminar:  Evolution of Evolution: Society and the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection
  • BIOL-27100 General Ecology Lecture and Labs
  • BIOL-27500 Field Biology Lecture and Lab
  • BIOL-30100 Literature in Biology
  • BIOL-30500 Invasive Species (cross-listed with ENVS-30500)
  • BIOL-30800 Animal Behavior Lecture and Lab
  • BIOL-35000 Population Ecology
  • BIOL-41100/41200 Seminar
  • ENVS-45000 Senior Research
  • block II course: CP Snow-Conveying Science with Multimedia

Description of Courses

The catalog is available here.