Leann Kanda

Associate Professor, Biology


Fall 2010 Student Research Presentations:

I sponsored three of my research students to participate in The Wildlife Society meetings in Snowbird, Utah. October 2010.

  •  Anna Novine, Biology ‘11
      Poster  “Monitoring wetland success through the faunal community”
  • Anthony Veroline, Environmental Science with a Biology Concentration ‘11
      Poster “Investigating Ondatra zibethicus activity in a New York population”
  • Jeffrey Hatzel (’12 ENVS) and Laura Easton (transferred) Poster “The relationship between free-ranging space use patterns and captive open arena behavioral tests in muskrat.”

 Awards received to defray a portion of the travel expenses:

Anna and Anthony each received an award from the the Jack and Flo Bernard Undergraduate Research Fund.

Jeff received support from the HSBC Commit-to-Change Grant for travel.

They all received  H&S Educational Grant Initiative  support.

The group received funding from the Provost's Instructional Development Fund.

Student Coauthorship on Conference Presentations

Student work has also been an integral part of numerous presentations I have taken to other professional meetings.  Summer meeting times has made it hard for my student coauthors to attend- they keep being off on amazing research internships!

Kanda, L.L., L. Easton, J. Hatzel, L. Louon. (2011) Temperament and space use in wild muskrat. Presentation. American Society of Mammalogists Annual Meeting, Portland, Oregon. 

Kanda, L.L., L. Louon, and K. Straley (2010) Just gotta be me: Individual personalities in captive Siberian dwarf hamsters, Phodopus sungorus. Poster. Animal Behavior Society Annual Meeting, Williamsburg, Virginia.

Kanda, L. L., J. Confer, K. Straley, and E. Alvey. (2009) Community cooperation and a mixed conservation strategy to reduce amphibian road mortality during the spring migration in Tompkins County, New York. Presentation. Urban Wildlife and Ecology Management Conference, Amherst, Massachusetts.